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Tran-America Trail
In April 2012, Marion and Nathan embarked on an adventure. This adventure was the Trans-America Trail. What is the Trans-America Trail?

The Trans-America Trail is a west bound ride across America. The Trail starts in Southeastern Tennessee, and ends at the Pacific Ocean in southwestern Oregon. Some 4,800 miles of mostly off-pavement riding. This trail was the mastermind of Sam Correro, who for years pursued his goal of charting a coast-to-coast, off-pavement motorcycle adventure. He studied countless maps and surveyed thousands of miles to create one great trip. This Trail is not a single-track tight woods ride. It is a route using dirt roads, gravel roads, jeep roads, forest roads and farm roads. Dropping down into dried-up creek beds, and riding atop abandoned railroad grades. There are sections of mud, sand, snow and rocks. It's all of the above, but it's for the Dual-Sport Rider. Check out their website by clicking on the following Trans-America Trail

So in April of 2012, Marion, on his 1971 Yamaha CT175, and Nathan, on his 1996 Honda XR250R, left for a six day trip on the Trans-America Trail. They started in Mississippi and road on into Oklahoma. Click on the ride report below to follow their epic adventure on the Trans-America Trail.

Trans-America Trail 2012

This report is from Marion and Nathan's second leg of the Trans America Trail. The two finished Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado on this trip during six days of riding.

Trans-America Trail 2014

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